Time to Win Free Stuff!

It's Tuesday and that means it's Party Game day! I know I could just have you leave a comment and then choose from there, but really, I think that's boring. So I'm gonna make you work (a little) for your prize :-)

Here's how to play:
  • Below I have listed some hints to 5 of my favorite books, movies and t.v. shows (I could have done about 50)
  • Do an internet search using my clues to find the answer. (Sort of a...Serendipity version of Trivial pursuit) (I did a google search with my clues and found the answers quickly)
  • Post the answers in a comment :-) I will accept all comments entered before midnight.
  • I will then take all the correct answers and randomly draw 3 names, and announce the winners tomorrow :-D
  • My family members are not allowed to play. They will know ever single one of these without seraching :-D (sorry mom ! )
  • What is the prize? 1 package of 4" x 6" Post It Brand Photo Paper. This stuff is seriously cool. Print out your picture and then peel off the back..and stick it anywhere...just like a post-it note! Change your mind? Re-stick it somewhere else! I'm obsessed with it.

    So Here are your questions and clues :

    1. These song lyrics are from
    what movie:
    "Bless your beautiful hide, wherever you may be. We ain't met yet, but I'm a willin' to bet...you're the gal for me"

    2. Which two of my favorite actors starred as leading man and leading lady in 'Adventures Of Robin Hood' in 1938?

    3. Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Diana Barry and 'The Lake of Shining Waters' are all from what book?

    4. These Lyrics Are from what Movie: "Just you wait 'enry 'iggins just you wait!"

    5. Rose and The Doctor are from what T.V. Show?

Tommorow is the big S.E.X. talk and I need your HELP and ADVICE! See ya then!


lifeasamama said...

do i get bonus points for not having to look any of them up???

1. seven brides for seven brothers
2. errol flynn and olivia d'havilland (sp? i didn't look it up, but that looks right)
3. anne of green gables, etc.
4. my fair lady
5. dr who

Dollymama said...

I will take a stab at #1 and also say Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I don't know it's it's true (searched but came up empty) but it sounds like something that would be said in that movie.

#3 Anne of Green Gables

I don't know the rest.

And, hey--I ROCKED at my first S.E.X. talk. LEt me know if you need any advice. ;)

You may enjoy my baby boutique blog too:

Anonymous said...

The only one I knew off the top of my head was Anne of Green Gables. LOVE that movie!!

Oh, and can I just copy and paste lifeasmama's answers? lol

Butterfly Kisses said...

Okay, I am not sure what time this is posting fo ryou with the time difference and all.

1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
2.Errol Flynn ... Robin Hood
Olivia de Havilland ... Maid Marian
3. Anne of Green Gables
4. OOOOOHHHH My Fair Lady, of course!
5. Doctor Who

That was fun and pretty easy

Anonymous said...

I dont know a single one, but wanted to say hi!