Tuesday's Party Game Winners!

Congrats to 'Life as a Mama' and 'ButterflyKisses' for winning Tuesday's party game contest :-)

Thanks for playing gals and great job with your answers! Use the 'sit for a chat' button to send me an email with your addy's and I will have your prizes in the mail by Friday!

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Mom said...

You've seen them, I'm sure. Those statement that say "Employees and families of the employees of the State can't enter into the $40 Zillion dollar lottery. So unfair, I mean.... not like they were paying us that to begin with..
But, even though I couldn't answer, as "Mom of the Blogger" disqualified me, I DID know the answers.... I really, really DID!!
Congrates to the winners.. I think I'm loving your mothers for raising you so well about now.