The Lady Bug Questioned Me

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2 I'll visit your blog and leave you a comment asking you five questions(that I choose)
3. You create a post with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Thanks to LadyBug for interviewing me and the great questions!

1. Who is your best friend and why?

Molls is my bestest friend in the whole world. We've been best friends for 15 years! She's exactly like me and exact opposite me all at once, she's always there for me, she's got the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met, and she's the kind of friend that will listen to you bitch all week about how fat you've gotten and how miserable you are with your weight and then sit with you on your night out, eating as much Chinese buffet food as you can without saying a word :-D

2. How did you meet Prince Charming?

Well, this is my favorite story in the world even if it is very 'high school'.

I went to High school with P.C. his senior year, but even in our school of 400 I didn't know him. I also worked with his mom for almost 3 years before I met him!

P.C. made a deal with a mutual friend to 'prank' an order from the pizza joint I worked at right before closing time. The friend was supposed to bring the pizza over after work, but she forgot to tell me about it. I had to make a delivery 5 min. before closing that was a 45 min. round trip drive and went to deliver this 'prank' pizza first. I knocked on 3 doors trying to deliver this pizza for almost 15 min. before P.C. and another friend pulled up in their car to tell me that it had been a prank. I was LIVID. I called him ever single name I could possibly think of. And I didn't give him the pizza. I went back and told the mutual friend what a jerk P.C. was and when she suggested that we go out with them after work (she wanted to hook up with P.C. and I was supposed to play 'wing man' with his other friend) I told her I wouldn't because P.C. was such a 'complete ass-hole'

The next evening I ran into P.C. with some other mutual friends who wanted to go for a country drive to do some, *ahem*, not so legal activities. P.C. was home on leave from the Navy and was unable to participate so my friend asked me to take him home. Begrudgingly, I said yes. We ended up driving around for almost 6 hours, just talking.

Finally we stopped on a country road next to the river and sat on the hood of my car just talking. Eventually he kissed me and it was exactly like a scene from a Disney movie. The moon was huge and shinning on the water, there was a warm breeze and (I am totally serious) there were otters playing in the water just off the shore. We've been together ever since (11 years on May 1st!)

3. How did you start blogging?

I started with My Space and enjoyed it so much I created Serendipity. I sort of just stopped blogging after a month or so. Jen is the one who got me to start back up last fall and now I'm totally addicted. I just wish life gave me a little more time to do it!

4. Favorite gift ever received?
Hmmm. That is a hard one. I'll have to do my top 3.
1. My Ring
2. My Laptop
3. My I-pod

5. Do you wear makeup on a daily basis?
No. I used to, but I started to break out badly after I had Bean. Now I usually only wear it every other day or when I'm going somewhere.

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