When I'm an Old Woman...
...(oh wait..I'm not yet??)...

Jesse over at 'For the Love of Peas and Monkeys'(seriously, is that not the cutest name ever!) posted this meme last week. I thought it was a really fun one so decided to tag myself.

When I am an Old Woman I hope to:

1. Be 'that' old couple who walks past, making everyone hope they have that when they are old.

2. Have all my hair (I know, I know. Vain much?)

3. Have at least 8 grand babies that I can spoil mercilessly and see endlessly.

4. Travel. I don't want to sit at home with my cat. I want to travel and see what I haven't had time to see.

5. Take my grand babies on vacation with me. (my grandparents did this and they are some of my most cherished and amazing memories)

Are you disappointed I never mentioned wearing purple??

When I am an old Woman I will not:

1. Get my hair cut in the standard short poofy permed hairstyle. (Yes, I really am that obsessed with my old lady hair.)

2. Complain my family doesn't call enough.(I'll just show up and force them to love me...haha)

3. Own more than 3 cats

4. Talk about my hemorrhoids, bowel movements, or other bodily failings, irritations, and unusual functioning in public or in front of family. (Some things should really just be saved for your 'Golden Girl' friends.)

5. Wear standard issue polyester pants.

Mrs. Joe, Lisa, Sharpie and Sassy: Tag, You're it!


jesse said...

I love what you posted-I definetly want to have grandbabies to spoil rotten and then send them home hopped up on sugar And as for the hair and bowl movements-lol I'm so with you I don't want the old lady du. Hey if I'm still blogging in like 30yrs I'll make y'all my 'Golden Girl' friends and to you all about it-wouldn't you just love that-lol. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jesse - LMAO. Well, I'd rather be your golden girl than subject our grandkids to stories of our bowel movements :-D

Diane said...

When I am Old I hope to:

1. Still be able to get out of bed in the morning.
2. Remember the names of my kids and grandchildren.
3. Remember how to program my iPod.
4. Get turned on by those new young actors like Mel Gibson.
5. Be able to navigate my well insured ride into Chicago.

When I am and Old Lady, I will not:

1. Smell like moth balls.
2. Wear my boobs around my waist line.
3. Buy Orthopedic shoes if I can’t buy them at Fields.
4. Tip waitresses with coins from the bottom of my purse.
5. Forget how to order the perfect Starbucks coffee.

This was fun, but now I have to figure out how to get off this laptop, out from under the covers and start my day. I’m planning on taking [KKKKKK], one of the grandbabies to find a new hot movie downtown in the city. I know I can save the map quest directions somehow, just need to find that darn manual!!

Anonymous said...

Mom - ROFL. Just try to remember where you live and what you drive, mmmk? ;-)

Sassy said...

Oh you tagged me! I'm gonna cry, I've not been tagged in a long time and I feel blechy today so you totally made my day. Oookaaay, enough of that whining from me. I totally get the hair thing...I will NEVER cut my hair old lady short, let it go white/gray or wear it in some nasty perm thing. NEVER. Sure I might look ridiculous having long bright red hair with blonde highlights at 80 but by then, I'll just not care what others think! Gah! I will post my list tomorrow. I promise. So you wanna come see Nickelback with me or what? Am I rambler or what? Okay, shutting up now.

Anonymous said...

Sassy - (((((((((((Sassy)))))))))) Of course I tagged you! This is something I am anxiously awaiting to see your response too. I am sure it will be hillarious. As for Nickelback, if there was even a chance in a million I could make it there..I TOTALLY WOULD!! And I'm a complete social/meet new people anxiety ridden chic...but Nickelback...with you....I'd get over it!