What's your 'Fruit of the Loom'?

Prince Charming: Do you know what 'Fruit of the Loom' means and why that's what the clothes brand is called?

Me (puzzled look): Umm, Yeah. Why?

Prince Charming: Because I didn't. I just realized the other day that 'Fruit of the Loom' was another way of saying something made from a loom. Therefore the shirts and etc. really are the fruit of the loom!

Me: (Nothing! I was giggling way to hard! It is very rare that I get a moment like this from him!)

Alas, I have no room to talk. For years (like age 4-17) I pondered what the word 'Sino' meant. I had been saying the word since preschool but only come across it in one place. After much contemplation, I decided 'Sino' must be a biblical term similar to forever or lifetime. It didn't make perfect sense but it did fit: 'Jesus love me this Sino, for the Bible tells me so.'

It's okay. Keep laughing. I'll wait.


Okay, come on. Let's not over do it!

I was taught as a preschooler and knew the words from memory. I had no clue until I actually saw the words that it was really: 'Jesus loves me this I know'

Now 'fess up: What's your 'Fruit of the Loom' moment?


twetyz1 said...

HA! HA! Unfortunately I have WAY too many "Fruit of the Loom" moments in my life that YOU know about...and I only have this ONE!!

Anonymous said...

Twetyz - HeeHee. Hey..I need to have a few secrets! And honestly, I can't think of anything like this from you!

Diane said...

OK, so after I wiped the coffee off my keyboard and screen, I figured I better fess up too. So here's mine:

I grew up in what was once a small farming community. We didn't travel much and my knowledge of the world was pretty much based around that one town. I know I'm making excuses, but that's how these things come about after all. Anyway, after several months in my new town outside Washington, D.C., I mentioned to my husband: "You know that road has to one of the longest roads in the country!" He asked which one I meant, and I pointed and said, "That Frontage Road over there." He didn't laugh immediately, because he couldn't figure out how my mind was working. Then it dawned on him. He explained it was not only that road's name, but actually a type of road. One that had access to a larger highway. "Hmm," I said, "Well, I thought that road went all the way back to my town and just had a lot of different points to get on." "One large road crossing the whole United States?" he asked, and then the laughing started. I can still hear it ringing through my head today.

So if I give you road directions, be sure to ask how long I believe that road to be!!

Brian o Vretanos said...

I've loads to choose from, but:

As a child I was amazed by the coincindence that every Judge mentioned on the news seemed to be called Justin, as in "The jugde, Lord Justin [Really Lord Justice] Smith..."

I also never understood the song we had to sing at school that went:

Dance, Dance, wherever you may be,

I am the Lord of the dance settee.

There's a name for this kind of misunderstanding, but I don't know what it is.

Anonymous said...

Diane - ROFLMAO. I totally forgot about that! It's funny you thought that about frontage road but not Main streets :-)

Brian - LOL. Is there a name for it? I never knew that! Now I'm on a mission! I'll leave it in the comments when I find out :-)

Bee said...

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have none to tell since I am perfect but I had fun laughing at you guys! :o)

Roz said...

ok so this happend quite recently (sadly).

I was up at the cottage with my fam and my brother had been using this coffee mug that said "no. l cook"

i kept reading it and reading it wondering why it said "no. i cook".
(like, who would care so much about cooking!)

Finally i blurted out loud..."OOOH i get it! it says #1 cook!!"

I've never seen "number" represented by "no." before. Always "#"...

Anonymous said...

Bee - ROFLMAO. Geeee, thanks ;-)

Roz - OMG! That is funny! I've seen No. occasionally (no. 2 pencils) but it isn't common you are right!

Brain - Mondegreen is the term for a misheard phrase or song lyric :-) Thank you to Diane for letting me know!

Pickel said...

Oh, you'll love this one. I wrote an entire paper on it when I was a freshman in High School.

I thought the sound of an airplane in the sky was the earth rotating.

What planet am I from?

Anonymous said...

Pickel - ROFLMAOPIP! I'm sorry..but that really is the best one yet! As of right now you win the award for best 'fruit of the loom moment'!

And don't worry, Prince Charming once had me (briefly) convinced that the tree branches actually grew around the power lines on the mountains, and that people didn't trim them.

Yes, at that moment I realized what a smart Arse I married and to watch him a bit closer ;-)

MGM said...

Um, the time I first met my husband's whole family, they had a BBQ in honor of the event. I was helping cut the watermelon and I had this total brainstorm that I foolishly exclaimed out loud. It went like this: "Wow! There's a lot of juice in these melons! I guess that's why they call them WATER-melons!" That was after my husband's cousin's wife was talking about making dilly-beans, and I was like all interested in it and asking questions before it was explained that she had not said "jelly beans" as I had thought. I got a quick reputation as a non-blond air-head.

Anonymous said...

Mgm - ROFL. Well, It makes sense to me. They ARE very juicy. ;-)

Catwoman said...

Uhm, I guess my fruit of the loom moment is reading this post, because I actually had to google the word "loom" to find out what the heck a loom was...

And so now, thanks to you, I know why they're called fruit of the loom too!

I blame this on the fact that I didn't learn English until I was 12, ok? :)

Anonymous said...

Catwoman - LOL! Okay, not learning English 'till you were 12 is a good reason. I think Prince Charming will be glad to know that he wasn't the only one to recently make this discovery ;-)