Stealing Cinderella

I couldn't find a youtube video that allowed me to embed this, so you'll have to click here to see the video. It's how I wish my daddy still felt about me and it's how Prince Charming will (does) feel about his little Cinderellas.

This is the one PC mentions in the comments, and the original one I was looking for but couldn't find at first :-)

Sorry if you cry. Guess it's that kinda day today.


PC said...

I could go on with all the songs that about my children that have made my walls crumble and bring several tears to my eye. From Creed's "Arms Wide Open" my song to my son, to my latest favorite called "Cinderella" by Steven Chapman Curtis. This one I don't last past the first verse.
PS, don't have to worry bout anyone stealing my cinderella cause I will own a very big GUN! lol.

Bee said...

I'm not into country but I have now converted because of that Chuck Wicks dude. HAWT!!

Bee said...

Very cute song. I'm gonna sendi ti to my sis. One daughter and another on the way.

Tracy said...

That song was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
How are you doing? I hope things are going better!