Just What Does a Scottsman Wear Beaneath His Kilt?

In honor of St. Patty's day I went looking for one of my favorite songs,'The Scotsman.' Never has anything ever, ever made me laugh so hard. I know St. Patty's is an Irish holiday and not a Scottish one, but they both wear kilts so I decided that meant I could use it for the holiday. Good logic, huh?

When I searched YouTube I found a nice little World of Warcraft video done to the song. It made me laugh even harder (if possible.) Enjoy :-D


SaraLynn said...

LOL....I cannot wait for my hubby to see this!
Nice to meet you! I saw your blog at the party and now I am glad i stopped..heehee....Too funny!
Stop by and say hello!

Jesse said...

Love the video and after today I needed a good laugh.

Erin said...

That is so funny!!! That made my day : ) Thanks for sharing!

Ben said...

pricless imho.....w00t to you!