'An Open Letter to Victoria's Secret '
and Yes, I Stole this from
Suburban Oblivion

Before you get comfy, I am sending you away. That's right! I want you to read this post, written by Sara over at Suburban Oblivion. Her smarts inspired my smarts today :-)

My response to Sara (which I totally think she should add as a P.S. to her letter before mailing):


I just received a card in the mail for a free pair of panties. It made me laugh hysterically because I'd like to know what woman they use to measure a size 14!! I wear a size 14 and I can't fit my arse into their panties unless my goal is to cut off complete circulation to all regions below my belly button!! And trust me, being blue and purple from the waist down is highly unattractive, even if you are wearing their skimpiest of skimpies.

And their bra's are my size...but only the uglier ones. The really really pretty, "OH I want to wear THAT to bed tonight because I know I'll be a sex goddess for sure" seem to only come in a DD if you are also a 34. HA. Fat chance unless you are trying to hold up your silicone.

I buy my perfume and lotion there (I LOVE my body butter) and once was given a free adorable 'One size fits all' hot pink tank top with the word 'Delicious' across it. I loved it. I was sooo excited to wear it and knew I'd look super hot sexy.

When I tried it on I quickly found that I had misunderstood something very important in their product tag. 'OSFA' wasn't supposed to mean 'one size fits all'. It was supposed to mean "one size fits angels" (you know, their skinny, size negative 5 twenteen models?). On me it just looked like a hot pink sausage casing. *shiver*

So yes, Sara, you are right. I say it's time for a panty revolution and a good bra burning.


Diane said...

Free panties, someone actually gives away free panties?? I've seen this done in a law firm I worked for centuries ago in Washington, D.C.. But I thought that was to hide to evidence from their wives!!

Bee said...

Yup! VS is evil!



BrineS said...

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MelissaR said...

LOL and ITA about VS! I can't wear their sizes, either. I've noticed that some manufacturers are now using "One Size Fits Most" instead of OSFA.

Laughing, too, about your post on what makes boys laugh. I have a 10yo son, so I can relate!

(Having some trouble with my browser today, so I hope this doesn't post two, three, or five times!)

IL Social Worker said...

What a fun blog! Happy blog party from a fellow IL resident!

Tracye said...




And yes, I too look like a sausage in its casing. :)

mommytherobot.blogspot.com said...

oh i love how your blog looks! very different. nice to meet you. never done the party blog before but its pretty interesting so far!

Wani said...

I love the look of your blog! I'd love to win one of those custom blog designs!

Rachel said...

Thank you for that post. I totally agree with you. The clothes at VS very rarely fit m- too short, too long, too sexy, too expensive...What about sexy PJ's that we could actually wear around the house?