What Can Make a 9 Year Old Boy Laugh Hysterically?

Simple Answer?

You just have to know what to say.

Here are my top discoveries:

  • Flaming Piles of Poo Power (not sure if it's the Dr. Suess style rhyming factor or the poo factor)
  • Family Jewels (Typical Male. That's all I can say.)
  • Balls ( Recently discovered 'playground talk' word *and no, not as in basket or foot* O.Y.E.!!)
  • Fart (It's such a classic, I think it's appeal may actually be encoded in the male DNA!)
  • Underpants ( I totally don't get this one. I just don't. LOL.)
  • Any Swear word *if they are banned at your house* (At first they will get this shocked look of hilarious disbelief. Then they laugh hysterically that they actually got to hear the word!)

Oh, to be a tween boy!

1 comment:

Jesse said...

First off it's good to have you back. As for the things that make boys laugh they apply to my husband also but not everytime someone says it. Just every once in awhile someone will say something similar to what you posted and he'll just kind of laugh to himself. Please tell me David isn't the only one who can still have a young boys sense of humor.