Psychology of an M & M

Today I went here to have a little fun with Alex and let him build his version of me in chocolate. Talk about some insight into how observant your 8 year old can be! We had so much fun making mine that I had every member of the family create theirs. The outcome was surprising and very revealing :-)


I chose my body type because I am shaped that way (sort of) and I can be a bit nutty. Alex decided the hair looked just like mine (Yeah, after about 2 hours of straight ironing), and also I am pink 'cause Moms are 'sort of girls and girls are pink'.

He choose a Tiara because he says I'm 'the Queen of everything'. He picked out the gloves just because I like to look pretty sometimes and the boots because I always where 'those really big heeled boots'.

I wanted the camera accessory but he insisted I have the coffee cup because I 'always always have a coffee cup and if I don't have it then I get kinda crabby and don't know how to answer his questions'. Okay, so maybe I should cut down on the coffee. But really, do you know how hard it is to explain why we're called the Human Race on a Saturday morning on only 4 hours of sleep when you haven't had a sip of coffee yet??? Okay, then. Don't judge.

Prince Charming

PC designed his own chocolate alter ego, so I'm going to give my interpretation. He's a bit nutty too, thus the body shape. The dark red is because he likes to stand out without being overly obvious. Boots and gloves are because in many ways he's your 'guy next door' type. (I have no idea if that is actually a 'type' when it comes to guys, but whatever, it works)

The beer stein means he doesn't need caviar and red carpets to have a good time, while the drink umbrella implies he's usually the life of the party. The backwards hat is a symbol of his slightly rebel side.

I left my favorite part for last. His expression. To me, this just sums my dear PC up in one handsome, sarcastic, smart ass package. Oh. And the glasses are just 'cause he's smart as hell and blind as a bat.


This is how Alex explained his M & M:

Alex choose blue because it's his favorite color. The silly eyes are because he likes to be silly. His favorite toys are lego's and robots so he needed those cool arms 'cause they made him a super strong candy and that is really funny and silly and awesome. (yeah, he was excited.)

The mowhak was because he always wanted one because they are so neat to look at and spikey and because I won't let him get one in real life until he's older and can pay for the haircut by himself. The goatee is because he wishes he was older and in highschool because then he could buy a mowhawk. (Dang, I hope he outgrows this)

He picked these shoes because they look just like his black heely's and his heely's are really cool.
He wanted a teddy bear because it reminds him of his Teddy. His Teddy is his best friend and he's had him since he was a baby.


All I have to say is this M & M says everything you need to know about Liberty.

The hot pink is the color because she's a girl with attitude. The gloves and boots show that she's a little bit country, little bit tom boy, and a little bit elegant.

The necklace? That's easy. This girl is going to be high.maintenance.big.time. I honestly feel sorry for her future boyfriends. The smile and eyes are because even with all that attitude she is still sweet, caring, and loving from head to toe.

Tiara sums it all up perfectly. Princess, 120%.


I don't even have to go piece by piece on this one. The entire picture sums her up.

Sweet, loving, mischievous, totally girlie.

What kind of M & M are you?


Diane said...

I have to say............ The likeness is astounding. I can see each of one of you in your chocolate portraits. Felt a little guilty poking into my candy dish while reading your posts.... especially because my M&M's are all lovely Easter colors. A bit like eating the head off an Easter Bunny. I'll race over to the site today and see what a grandma candy looks like though.. This could be scary.

Anonymous said...

Mom - I thought Grama candy looked pretty darn cute :-)

Sassy said...

I saw the word M&M, which I totally DO NOT have an addiction to by the way, absolutely not, and of course had to click on it. How do I become an M&M? Oh I know, eat more of them. Gotcha. Very cute by the way. I'd be a pink one, with long red hair, straight, like you, after flat ironing it for a day, a tiara, because of my "I'm a princess" syndrome and a pretty little M&M dress. Be back later, I have to go buy some M&M's. Ha.